Our Staff

  • Nicole Hawkins

    President & CEO
  • Teresa M. Payne

    Senior Public Benefits Specialist
  • Patricia J. Slyger

    Senior Public Benefits Specialist
  • Wendy Grimes

    Public Benefits Assistant
  • Jesse N. Clark

    Senior Public Benefits Specialist
  • Eric W. Evans

    Public Benefits Assistant
  • Kristy D. Ebelhar

  • Jackie K. Stegemoller

    Client Outreach Coordinator
  • Robbie Thompson

    Client Development Manager
  • Lacey J. Nantz

    Public Benefits Specialist
  • Jessica Williams

    Public Benefits Specialist
  • Sir Theodore

    Office Mascot
Working with Nicole has eliminated so much frustration for us in knowing how to do the most for our Mother.

Ethel Jagoe

Nicole Hawkins and her staff provide knowledgeable and courteous guidance through the bureaucratic maze of these government agencies.

Richard L. Baxter

For your own "sanity" the Elder Advantage team can and will help you through the Medicare/Medicaid process. Our family can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Debi Stinnett

The VA money has meant he could live in a pleasant and safe assisted living apartment...Thank you!

Margaret B., daughter of Joe B (WWII Vet)