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Without being fully armed and informed about you or your loved ones' rights applying for Medicaid benefits is nearly impossible. With the expertise and customized planning at Elder Care, you can be sure to get the benefits you need and deserve.

"I appreciate the efficient and friendly attitude in handling our Mother's application for Medicaid benefits."

- Donald B.

It is a sad truth, but many working in the Medicaid benefit field - even caseworkers representing the government - are scarcely informed about the laws and regulations governing the benefits program.


Get the knowledge and advocacy to guarantee your benefits - schedule your consultation today.

Know the law - and your rights

Get a FREE assessment consultation for your Medicaid application and pay one "flat fee" for the entire process when you call Elder Advantage.


Discover peace of mind and expert representation with Nicole Hawkins today.

What else should I know?

Many Medicaid applicants are taken advantage of or misled because they have little knowledge of the ever-changing laws. Call Nicole Hawkins at Elder Advantage to get the advice and reputation to protect your future. Hawkins will not only help you to maximize asset protection and benefit procurement - she will take over the in-person representation for your claim to the appropriate government offices.

Get an advocate who stands up for your rights

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